Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Smitten Polish: Shipwrecked

FINALLY!  Back to the blog for a bit!  I've had this new Smitten Polish collection sitting in my photobucket account for about a month because I was not very happy with the quality of the pictures.  Come to find out, my camera lens has a LOT of dust on the inside and it is causing my photos to not be as sharp as I'd like them to....that is my only disclaimer, so please, don't flame me for the lack luster shots.

Shipwrecked is Smitten's latest release.  It is made up of 7 polishes that remind me of late spring into early summer colors.  Slightly muted colors but still bright enough to catch your eye.  There are 4 glitters with colored bases and 3 heavy particle shimmers.

Siren's Song : indoor lighting
 photo DSC07913_zps0be8f2da.jpg

Siren's Song: outdoors, full sun
 photo DSC07907_zpsda0bfa92.jpg

Siren's Song is a purple/violet/fuchsia with a strong blue shimmer.  If you notice in the top photo, you can really see the blue, purple and violet tones.  In the direct sun, the pinks and even a bit of red comes out.  This is 3 thin coats.  The only problem I had with this is it dried super fast which caused the brush to gunk up quickly.

Isla de Muerto: outdoor lighting
 photo DSC07905_zps85613eec.jpg

Isla de Muerto is a gorgeous mid blue, metallic looking base with tons of blue and copper glittery/glassy flecks.  3 thin coats.  This one also had the same problem with a fast dry time.  I needed to work quickly to lay down each coat so it wouldn't drag the undercoat.  Reminds me of treasure or coins underwater if you are looking at them from the surface.

The Isabella Emerald: outdoor lighting
 photo DSC07902_zpsc4200089.jpg

The Isabella Emerald is a medium emerald green jelly base with tons of small, gold, iridescent glitters along with even smaller glitters of the same color.  This is 2 coats and they both applied with no problem at all.  Depending on the lighting and angle you look at this, you can get green, gold, orange and sometimes a touch of blue.  One of my favorites of the lot for sure!

Watch Out For That Reef: indoor lighting
   photo DSC07888_zps630be8ff.jpg

Watch Out For That Reef is a milky, peach base with a touch of peach shimmer and loads of turquoise glitters in various shapes and sizes.  I was completely surprised by this one.  I am not a big fan of peach colored polishes but the addition of the turquoise glitter made this one really pretty.  The subtle peach shimmer added a really nice surprise when the light catches it as well.  This is 3 thin coats.  I had no problem at all applying this one and it smoothed out nicely with 1 coat of Pro FX fast dry top coat.  Another one for the top 3 of this collection for me.

Sunken Galleon: outdoor lighting
 photo DSC07881_zps5cfc51f0.jpg

Sunken Galleon is a milky, blue/green base with different sizes of gold and silver CIRCLE glitters!  I love circle glitters!  There are also bright turquoise and gold micro glitters in the mix too.  The base is a unique color to me.  It is a blue/green mix that I would call a muted pastel turquoise...if there is such a thing.  Gorgeous!  Applied flawlessly with no problems and only need 1 coat of the Pro FX.  I think this is my #1 of the collection for sure.

Capitana El Rubi: Outdoor lighting
 photo DSC07866_zpsca60dcf3.jpg

Capitana El Rubi is a jelly, fuchsia/"ruby" base with small round, silver glitters, small pink squares and purple/violet micro shimmer.  This was the trickiest of the lot to apply but the end result was worth it.  3 thin coats.

The only one I can't seem to find is Bermuda Triangle.  I KNOW I took a photo of it but it's not anywhere to be found.  Bermuda Triangle can be found on the Smitten etsy site.  It is a very pretty orange with chunky glass flecks.

All of these can be bought on etsy at:  along with other gorgeous Smitten creations.

These were sent to me for review.

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