Saturday, April 13, 2013

Makeup Blog Sale

I am keeping this separate from my nail polish blog sale because I don't foresee updating as often as I had updated my polish blog sale.

All items are as stated.  All prices are firm.  $10 minimum purchase.  Shipping is $2.50 per. for the first item, $0.50 for each additional item. Add DC for $0.50.  International shipping is available at the actual cost of shipping.  Paypal invoices only!!  I will not accept "gift" payments.  Sanitizing will be left up to you.  All items have been kept in a Helmer in a cool, dry place.

Please email me at yesterdaysnail AT gmail DOT com ONLY!  DO NOT LEAVE  COMMENT ON THE BLOG AS I WILL NOT RESPOND TO IT.  I will not hold items for longer than it would take to complete the transaction.  Do us both a favor and don't request something only to back out by not responding to emails.  It's a waste of both of our time.

Newly added but not Pictured:

Wen products:
2- Summer Mango Coconut Cleansing Conditioner 16oz  BN, still sealed $19 EACH
Winter Vanilla Mint Cleansing Conditioner 16oz BN, still sealed $19
BNIP  pump for Cleansing COnditioner bottles $2
Sweet Almond Mint  Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment 4 oz BN, sealed $11 (2 avail)
Sweet Almond Mint Anti-Frizz Styling Creme 4oz BN, sealed $8
Sweet Almond Mint Styling Creme 4oz BN, still sealed $7
Sweet Almont Mint Replenishing Treatment Mist 6oz BN, still sealed $13
...or, take them all for $90

BPAL 5ml's: (All bought in Fall of 2011 and have aged very nicely) 
Shango -used once $12
O -used 5x $10 
Azathoth- unused $12

NYX HD Photogenic Concealer in Medium, used 3x $1

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Creams, both used 3x $6 for both or:
Medium Sheer Tint $2.50
Medium/Deep Sheer Tint $2.50

 photo DSC07816_zpse2ce5a97.jpg
Bare Minerals Ready SPF20 Foundation compact: Golden Tan BNIB $24
MAC MSF Medium/Natural & Shimmer BNIB $27

 photo DSC07815_zps452b26e7.jpg
e.l.f. Disney Villains LE makeup kits.  All new, never used. $14 each. $40 for all 3 (+$5 for shipping)

 photo DSC07813_zps28c742bb.jpg
R&R single eye shadows, usage as shown. This line has been D/C'd. $35 for the lot or prices as listed.
Top: Electric $9, Envy $10
Bottom: Chronic $9, Revenge $9

  photo DSC07812_zpsb87127de.jpg
Left: Sleek Primer palette.  2 colors swatched as shown, boxclude8d. $ in
Right: Sleek The Original palette. 5 colors swatched, usage as shown, incl. box $7

 photo DSC07833_zps6179cfd9.jpg
L'Oreal H.I.P. kohl eyeliners.  All have never been used. $3 each or $18 for the lot.
L-R: black, navy, teal, brown, burgundy, gold

 photo DSC07832_zps2085129d.jpg
NYX Extreme Lip Cremes: Dolly Girl, Buttery Nude, Strawberry Jam.  All swatched on hand x1.
$2.50 each or $4 for both
Korres Lip Butters, usage as shown. Wild Rose $5, Pomegranate $3 or both for $7

 photo DSC07827_zps2a941800.jpg
C.o. Bigelow Lemon&Blackberry balm $0.50
Maybelline Raspberry Ice, used 2x, $4
Maybelline Citrus Slice, used 2x $4
Maybelline Stain Gloss: Mauve Dream 1x $3
Maybelline Stain Gloss: Berry Heavenly 1x $3
Manishma Holographic lip color, used 2x, $2
L'Oreal gloss stain Pink Resistance, 1x $4
L'Oreal gloss stain Coral Tattoo opened but unused $5 (not pictured)

 photo DSC07826_zpsf748efc2.jpg
Back, L-R:  Kat Von D Fierce Red gloss, used 3x, $3
Nars Viva Las Vegas lipstick, 75+% remains, $8
Paul & Joe Lipstic C #068, BNIB $10*SOLD*
EA Caramel Glaze, used 2x, $2
Front row: Clinique Sunset/Tenderheart duo, never used, $4
Nars gloss duo Giza, Boogie Nights, both colors swatched on hand x1, $6

 photo DSC07824_zps3b41b4d7.jpg
MAC Glimmerglass: Black Bling, 50% full (it has been laying on its side for several months) $9
not pictured: MAC Glimmerglass: Blackfire, 50% full $7
MAC WW Emancipation lipglass, SIB, used 3x $15*SOLD*
MAC Viva Glam lipglass GaGa 2,swatched on hand 1x, no box $12
MAC Lustre Honeyflower lipstick D/C'd color, 80+% remains, $8
MAC Marilyn Monroe packaging Pure Zen, BNIB, $18

 photo DSC07823_zps8aaef55f.jpg
L-R: Pink Truffle, Cherry Tart, Sugar Plum, Berry Smoothie, Creme Brulee, Brown Sugar, Lollipop, Fig Jam, Red Velvet.  All twisted up to show usage, $2 each or $10 for the remaining.

 photo DSC07822_zps488eabac.jpg
BE makeup brushes.  All washed x1. $15 for the lot or singles as listed.
Handy Buki $6
Flawless Application Face $6
coastal scents angled face brush dupe $3
mini Flawless Face, BNIB $4

 photo DSC07819_zpse25e04e2.jpg
Laura Geller Baked Marble eyeshadow: Amethyst/Starburst. Both colors swatched 1x, D/C'd color $7
B.M. Socialite shadow, older packaging, d/c'd color, full size, 75+% remains $5
Meow Cosmetics Med. Ocicat Skinny Dipper contour color, 75+% remains, $2
B.M minis, Classic Rock, Berry Flambe, Madras.  All swatched 1x, $3 each, $7 for all 3.

 photo DSC07818_zps1f56295b.jpg
Bare Minerals blush duo Escape/Lovely.  Both colors used approx 3x, $7
MAC Fairylite pigment. D/C'd, HTF, 80+% usage as shown, $18
NYX Secret World palette, most colors untouched, usage as shown, SIB $4

  photo DSC07817_zpsd8fd7f86.jpg
Philosophy, NIB, never used. Both for $8 or price as listed.
Art of Blushing: Pink Dreams $4
The Supernatural coloring book $5

 photo DSC07814_zpse27eb22d.jpg
Coastal Scents 12 pan magnetic palette. Includes the 3 discs for non magnetized pans as shown in top, right wells, a repressed NYX taupe shade, a depot of an NYX matte black  $3

 photo DSC07810_zpse6b72571.jpg
WnW Limited Edition Color Icon baked palettes, all BNIB. $6 each or $15 for all 3.
Bake Off Contest (blues), Baking A Cake (pinks/plums), Baked, Not Fried (nude/brown)

 photo DSC07809_zps855e58c5.jpg
WnW LE 8 pan Color Icon palettes, never used, still sealed $6 each or $10 for the remaining 2.
Shimmer The Night Away (2 available)
Drinking A Glass of Shine (aka I love matte)*sold*
 photo DSC07808_zps547fb2e9.jpg
eyeshadow/blush mixed lot.  $25 for the lot.
bourjois Violet Absolu 2x,$3
Kat Von D Livewire duo 3x, $5
Sephora Prisma Chrome: Shimmery Sand D/C'd color, 2x $6
Maybelline blush, LE Pressworthy Pink, 1x $4
Milani LE eyeshadow: Antigua 1x, $3
Maybelline LE Eyestudio quad: Makeover Mocha, 2x, $3
stila single eyeshadow: Shore, 1x, $3
Maybelline Eyestudio quint: Caffeine Rush, 2x, $3
L'Oreal H.I.P Electrified metallic duo, taupe used 5x, purple 1x $3

 photo DSC07798_zpsb7b20cdf.jpg
blush and powder mixed lot.  $6 for the remaining lot.
Milani Amber Nectar illuminating face powder, 2x, $3
PF Happy Booster in Beige, used approx 10x, $3
PH Happy Booster Light Bronzer, used approx 5x, $3
MAC MSF Medium/Natural & Shimmer. Shimmer completely gone, matte has 25%, good for B2M $5*SOLD*
Starry Precious Mineral blush: Natural Glow, 3x, $1
WnW Color Icon Bronzer SPF 15: Reserve Your Cabana, 2x $3*SOLD*

 photo DSC07792_zps0a81d995.jpg
TOP: Walking on Eggshells, minimal useage $1
Silent Treatment, moderate useage, no pan showing, $0.50
Silent Treatment, minimal useage $1
I'm getting Sunburned, used 2x $1.50
Bottom: LE Dancing In The Clouds, taupe shade used 5x, slight dip $2
LE We're Blasting Off. Browbone shade unused, other 2 swatched 1x, $3
LE Earth Looks Small From Down Here. Browbone and crease shades swatched 1x, eyelid unused $4
Knock on Wood, used 2x, $1
New, still sealed LE Dancing In The Clouds trio $5
New, still sealed LE Fly Me To The Moon trio $5

 photo DSC07791_zps347ae7f3.jpg
 photo DSC07790_zpsbc812e18.jpg
Empty Kat Von D palettes with creme shadow remaining:
 Angeles (incl box) $3
True Love $3
Metal Orchestra (incl box) $3
Take all 3 for $8

Thanks for looking!


  1. Im interested in the lot of brushes, the philosophy pallet things, and the rest of the revlon lip butters. How much would that be plus shipping to Georgia?

  2. Do you still have these:

    WnW Limited Edition Color Icon baked palettes, all BNIB. $6 each or $16 for all 3.
    Bake Off Contest (blues), Baking A Cake (pinks/plums), Baked, Not Fried (nude/brown)

  3. Can You ladies please send me an email at for the blog sale requests? Thanks!