Monday, November 30, 2009

Finger Paints Red Marzipan

Hello all you manicure maniacs! This is what is next in line for holiday mani's for me! This is an older polish from the Sally's Beauty line Finger Paints. I'm not sure when this came out but I wish Sally's would put out more like this!!

This is in direct sun. It has a slight duochrome quality to it that is impossible to capture on camera.

This is indoors later in the day. You can see more of the warm orange tone of it. In certain lights it flashes a very warm gold.

This is 2 coats. It applied very smooth with no streaking. I definitely don't have anything else in my stash like this one! If anyone knows of a dupe for this please, do tell!!
Thanks for joining me today!
If you ever have any suggestions on colors or finishes you would like to see please ask and I'd be happy to accomodate you!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Sunday to everyone!!

Hello out there and thanks for joining me for my very 1st "real" post. I thought I'd start off doing holiday-ish colors. I'm really not much of a red person but there seems to be an abundance of reds this time of year. I have also noticed I have an abundance of reds in my collection!! Over the next week I will be shocasing a few of these reds...along with some pinks, browns and maybe golds that are holiday "appropriate"!

My inauguaral mani for you today is Diamond Cosmetics Cherry Tobacco. A georgeous blackened red shimmer that manages to stay just barely red in darker lighting conditions.

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This is 2 coats of polish topped with a coat of SV.
Diamond Cosmetics makes some amazing polishes for between $2-3 dollars. Well worth the hassle of having to order online. This color in particular was a little thick but easy to work with.

Thanks again for joining me today! I might do another post today after I sort through my images and see what else I have. Please bear with me as I work out any kinks I'm coming across. My goal is to bring you decent representations of colors you may already have in your collection. Maybe even encourage you to shop your stash a little more often!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hope everypne has a safe and blessed Thanksgiving!! Please stay tuned...hoping to be up and running by this weekend!!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

*taptaptap* Is this thing on???

Ok, this is a test, only a see if I can manage my time wisely to produce my very own blog.
"WTF are you going to blog about?" may be the first question you have. Well, as my blog's name suggests....Yesterday's Nail!!
What do I consider to be Yesterday's Nail? Anything that is from this year's holiday collections and older. I have so many untried polishes right now that I know I will never get around to using them. I would like to devote my blogging efforts to posting about polishes of yesterday. I will not be posting about new collections or the latest trends but rather, older polishes I have in my collection. I will probably do a few Konads if I get up the nerve as well as maybe some themed manis...Christmas is here so I'll probably start off with holiday colors.
Please be patient with me as I figure this all out. I don't know if there is another blog like my vision out there right now. If there is, I apologize in advance. I'm just here for the fun...oh, and the free drinks too!