Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Whoa! It's been 14 days since my last post...errr, sorry? I'll have to admit, it is a bit from laziness and also from lack of time these days. I'm working 12 hour shifts now too so that surely doesn't help. Enough of my whining...on to the polish!

2 coats of Color Club Santa's Cinnamon topped with 2 coats of Lynnderella's Change.

Now, Santa's Cinnamon was a no brainer. Gorgeous, sparkly, micro glitter which was opaque in 2 coats. The kicker to this one...it smells like Red Hots or Hot Tamales!! It had that lit from within type of glow to it as well. Well done, Color Club!
Then we have Change. I was honestly going to pass on this one because I thought...what could be so unique about metallic glitters in a shimmery gold base? I should have known better and glad I didn't pass on this gem. So many different shapes, sizes and colors in a very shimmery yet sheer gold base. I loved the randomness of the occassional large, square glitter or the deep bronze glitters. This is also 2 coats...but not the typical 2 coats. To get these glitters to lay right you have to kind of dab them on and manipulate them into place. It takes a little more effort but it is well worth it.
Also, please excuse the weird clean up on my middle finger. I had a rogue hair on my clean up brush that took off a little too much =/

Tuesday...the gateway to Wednesday and the middle of the week! Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ozotic 531

Recently I ordered a few Ozotic polishes online from Picture Polish. They had amazingly fast turn around time. I think I had my polish on my doorstep in a little less than 7 days...which is saying a lot because they came from Australia!
This is one of 4 Ozotic's that I got...531!

I am now officially calling this polish "Don't Lock Your Keys In Your Car"! That is exactly what I did when I was wearing this one =/

The good thing was I was in a Target parking lot connected to a mall so, if I had to use the bathroom or got hungry, cold, bored I could go inside while I waited for help to arrive.

The bad thing...my ex had the only spare key! Well, I DO have a spare but it was locked in the car in the glove box...where it belongs-right? Good thing I am on good terms with the ex because he and his girlfriend came to my rescue and brought me the spare...2 1/2 hours later.

This is 1 coat of 531 over 1 coat of Illamasqua Boosh. The wear from this combo was excellent! I wore it for 4 days with no chipping and very minor tipwear. The color is very pretty and I like it a lot but...not as much as the other Ozotic Mish Mash polish I got! The color shift in this is amazing! The predominant color I see is a rusty/brownish/maroon but at different angles you see deep purple, gold and a bit of olive if you squint real hard! In one of the pictures you can see the color range in the bottle. Oh, and did I forget to mention that this has a nice sprinkle of holo particles in it too?! It's scattered but still the linear type of holo...if that makes sense.

So, what else could you ask for...multichrome and holo rolled into one! I say it's a win-win all around!

Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, November 14, 2011


FYI...I edited this as I realized I used the wrong link code for the picture! So sorry!!

Happy Saturday!!

Today I am wearing a combo for a special reason! Today is game day!! Today is our last away game of the 2011 season for roller derby. Our team colors are hot pink and black & white. I recently got NARS Schiap on a whim as I am not a big "pink" gal. Am I sure glad I decided to bet it because it is pure love!!

This is 2 coats of Schiap with 2 coats of Connect the Dots. Schiap applied amazing!! Smooth, even coats that felt like they were applying themselves. Connect the Dots applied like a standars glitter...needed to be dabbed on in some areas and the glitters needed to be pushed around a little but, the extra work was so worth it! I never realized the CtD had that amazing micro shimmer! It looks to be holographic or irridescent in some lights too...amazing!!

Now I'm off for a long drive down to San Diego for some derby!! Wish us luck!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Nicole for OPI Follow Me On Glitter

Lately I have not been able to decide if I want to wear glitter or cremes. It seems like the glitters always win!!

This is 2 coats of one of the new Kardashian Kollection NOPI's. Follow Me On Glitter. I didn't get the name at first...duh!

This is a very pretty gunmetal and silver tiny glitter base with different colors of slightly larger glitters mixed in. So far I have seen dark pink, light blue, green, orange and gold. I SWEAR I've also seen a random red and silver glitter in there too!! I really could not tell if the base is tinted or colored because the glitter in this is so dense!! I think it has a dark grey tint to it though. The formula on this was easy to use but tended to clump up a bit by the time I started the 2nd coat. I think this may have been because the formula dried so fast. I used 1 coat of NYC Grand Central Station to top it off but it could have used another coat.

Here is what I added to it the next day:

A single coat of Spectraflair topcoat! It is very subtle but it looked amazing in the sun! My camera went a little crazy hence the blur.

My Spectraflair is mixed into a bottle of NYC Grand Central Station...cheap but dries fast and is nice and shiny!

Hope you all have a great Sunday and those of you who get to enjoy DST...enjoyed your extra hour of sleep!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mail Call...and over-haulin'!

Soooooo...I bought a few things. Ok, that might be a bit of an understatement. I couldn't resist the Sephora Friends & Family though! That is one of the only times of the year I shop at Sephora so I don't feel too bad about that. I also found the LE WnW palettes at my Walgreen's so I couldn't pass those up--right?
Here's a photo of the madness...

There are also some goodies in there from Sally, Ulta and a Lynnderella order.

Now, what to try out first?!?!

If you'd like to see more posts on mail or hauls, let me know...I'd be glad to post! :)

Also...please excuse the picture quality. I am STILL trying to figure out my new camera!! I have a Fuji Finepix S4000...if anyone has any pointers or experience with this camera model, I am all ears!

Mattified Fall Mani

Quick and easy way to extend a mani...or if you're too lazy to remove your mani like I was!

What have you mattified?