Saturday, April 28, 2012

More sponging!

I was really liking the purple sponged on mani I did so I thought I'd do it again but in pink! I wore this for my last derby game hoping the Shape Shifter topping would distract the opposing players. I really cannot remember what the colors I used were. I know one of the pink was a neon scented one from Claire's that had micro holo glitter in it. It sure did make the finished mani smell nice though! I think I like it better with the lightest color at the tip. And I definitely liked putting Shape Shifter on top of it all. I am always looking for an excuse to use my Lynnderella's. Have a safe and relaxing weekend!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Purple sponge gradient mani

Ahhh...Wednesday! My one day a week I get to sleep in, watch junk TV and *try* to get caught up on blog reading and trying to write new posts. I had recently saw a tutorial link on Pinterest for a sponged on gradient mani. I immediately had a need to try this for some reason. Sounded easy enough...and it was! The hardest part was trying to pick complimentary colors. Here's what I came up with. The colors I used were (lightest to darkest) SH CSM Lavender Cloud, Essence A Lovely Secret, Nails Inc St. John's Wood, Revlon TS Royal and Verity Deep Violet. The Verity basically applied as a tinted wash unfortunately so there is more Revlon on the tip than there is Verity =/ I topped the whole thing off with OPI DS Shimmer to blend the lines even more. I ended up loving this look and color combo! I tried this look in pink as well...which I will be posting about next time. Have a great one!! usual, check out my blog sale. I have added a few new items and will continue to do so until I get my stash better under control.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Layla Ocean Rush + updated BLOG SALE!

Hump Day...1 more day of work...1 more day of derby practice...1 more kick ass game on Saturday...can't wait until it's all over so I can get a little rest! Don't get me wrong, I love skating and roller derby but, my body needs a couple weeks of rest and regular practice!

2 coats over my regular base and 1 coat of Jessica aqua base (which game with the Disco Diva silver holo set)

This is more true the IRL color.

I heard that these may be available on now. A little higher priced at around $15 but oh so worth it! We haven't seen holos this good in a while.

Lastly, I have added to and updated my blog sale listing. It's still HUGE and I've only made it bigger!! Click on the teal colored tab towards the top left of my page and it will take you there. I've added a few new makeup items as well.

Have a great Wednesday!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sinful Last Chance + Liquid Euphoria Nirvana

Happy Easter everyone!

I am enjoying a very quiet day home alone today. Absolutely NO plans except to try to relax and rest my banged up body for the up coming work week. On that note, if you have been wondering why I have a huge lack of posting...blame it on roller derby!! I am almost finished with a mega run of bouts. 1 more bout against the OC Roller Girls Pulp Friction on April 14th then I get a little bout break until May 12th. My nails will be happy along with my huge bruise on my shin!!

Here is one of my recent NOTD's.

This is 2 coats of Sinful Last Chance (a great darker, kelly green creme) topped with 1 coat of Liquid Euphoria Nirvana

Another view to show the pretty amber and gold sparks.

Hope you all have a great Easter or just a good Sunday!! Start your week of right...get lots of rest tonight! :)