Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Diamond Cosmetics part V

Hey there!! I'm back! I had taken a little personal time because I started a new workout program. I figured it was time to get off the couch and get back in shape before summer is over! :o)

Here are the rest of my Diamond Cosmetics NOTD's. I still have a few more DC polishes in my stash but chose not to post about those yet.

Matte Black Shimmer. This was released as a limited edition and is no longer available. This has a very pretty but very sublte multi color shimmer to it. Unfortunately the sunlight just gets eaten by the matte and you cannot see the shimmer. I've found the shimmer shows up best when you put a top coat over it. It's still one of my favorite black mattes!

Mystical Knights. This is a gorgeous blackned blurple shimmer. Another gorgeous color but unfortunately, it looks like a black shimmer in lower lights. Regardless of this, I still really like it.

Monarch Masquerade. I love this color of purple! In the bottle this looks like it would be super frosty but on the nail it translates as a smooth, shimmery, un-frosty frost! Beautiful!!

Crushed Velvet. Deep. dusty purple creme. I think I have a few dupes to this but the formula really makes this stand out. Super smooth and only needed 2 coats.

Metallic Blue. Stunning blue which manages to not look frosty.

Blue Diamonds. I am not too crazy about the base color of this blue but the holo glitter makes it better! Too bad there was not enough bright, direct sunlight to capture the holo glitter.

Again, all these Diamond COsmetics were purchased by me and I am not reviewing these for the DC company. I just have a love for their polishes! They can all be found at on the Diamond COsmetic website and are only $2!
Next post will be back to my regularly scheduled nonsense!

Hope you're all having a great summer!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Love & Friendship: Olive

Happy Saturday!! Hope everyone si enjoying a beautiful day today!

Today's post is on a polish I picked up at F21 about a week ago. The bottle is the exact same as an LA GIrl polish so I am assuming it is the same company/brand.

This is 2 coats. Beautiful, foily finish to this perfect olive shade! Loe the price too!! Can't beat $2.80 for a great color.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Icing Dark and Stormy

Aaaahhh...Wednesday is almost over! Looking forward to finishing off the week so I can try to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather instead of being inside at work all day!
I'm taking a short break from my Diamond Cosmetics swatches. I will get back to them next week though.

This is an Icing I picked up a few weeks ago. Dark and Stormy. I don't remember seeing this one at Icing in the past few months. I found this next to the cashier in a clearancetub. It was marked down to $1.99 so I couldn't pass this up. It's an amazing find for only $1.99!! Beautiful deep teal shimmer.

Here's a closeup to show off the nice detail of the polish. This was 3 coats. I wore this for 4 days without a chip or much tipwear...which I was happy about because the color is beautiful.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Diamond Cosmetics part IV

Hope you all had a great weekend! I know I did!

Here's part 4 to my Diamond Cosmetics swatch fest...

210 Cheery Cherry. Very pretty deep pink which borders on being red in certain lights. This has a slight blue flash to it which adds a nice element to it.

156 Park Ave Purple. This is not really purple...which makes the name not really make sense. Aside from that, this is a beautiful berry creme! I've found all of the DC cremes apply so nicely and are almost opaque in 1 coat.

345 Rubies & Diamonds. This came out for the 09 Christmas/holiday season. Bright red jelly with small, gold, glass fleck. Beautiful color!! This is 3 coats but it would have been ok with 2.

208 Sitka Sable. This was a nice little find in the clearance section for $1! Gorgeous, warm red with gold shimmer in it. Very flattering on warm and olive skin tones.

I will probably take a short break on the Diamond Cosmetics swatches this next week because I have some other fun pretties I want to show off. I will resume with some more DCs though...they have some great blues and a couple of dark purples I haven't posted yet!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Diamond Cosmetics part III

...and theres more...

309 Joust For Kicks. This picture doesn't really show it but this has a plum tone to the brown base. Very pretty gold shimmer. This one was a little think but, nothing a little thinner can't fix.

183 Metallic Venom. I love this shade of purple! In the bottle this looked like it would be very metallic and brush stroke city but I was pleasantly surprised to see it wasn't. Nice, thin formula with very good coverage in 2 coats.

346 Amethyst and Diamonds. I wanted to like this alot more...but it was a little to light. It's still a very pretty color but not quite my color of purple. The sparse holo glitter adds a nice touch though. This would have been a great polish if it was done in the same style as Chainmail Charm!

175 Venom. Georgeous, blood red jelly. This was 2 coats and I wore it for 4 days!!

So far I have found that most of these polishes wear very well. Minimal chipping and tipwear. I have noticed that the shimmers and more metallic shades chip a little quicker than the cremes.
Hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July weekend!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Diamond Cosmetics part II

Hope you are all having a great 4th! Here is the next part to my Diamond Cosmetics stash.

338 Matte Smoke.
This applied nicely for a "matte". No cuticle drag and it dried pretty quickly. I would not really classify this as a matte though. Maybe more of a satin finish or rubberized finish. I really likethis color...medium grey that doesn't pull blue or have warm undertones on me. This is 2 coats.

Sterling Silver. This one is in a different bottle style and was only $1!! Great silver foil. 2 coats to be opaque. Not unique at all but I love silver foil polishes so this was a nice addition to the collection.

310 Chainmail Charm.
This is what I'm talking about!! Beatuiful holo finish! I wish DC came out with a whole collection of holos...they got this one right so I'm sure they could do it. This is 3 coats. Very pretty muddy grey base color.

318 Not Your "Hum Drum" Plum.
Holey Moley...beautiful blurple jelly!! This is 3 coats. I am pretty sure there are dupes out there for this color but I am perfectly happy with this one. Non streaky and super glossy before topcoat.

Again, all of these apply so easily. Very even application and so far the brushes have all been uniform and consistent. Next post I will get into some of the purples and plums I have. I forgot how many great colors they had until I pulled them out and lined them up!!