Sunday, May 1, 2011

Jordana Purple Rain

Happy, happy Sunday!  The weather is beautiful here today and I am looking forward to putting on my roller skates and new wheels tonight!!

Today I have my mani from Friday night for you.  I had such a great night on Friday!  We went to see Prince in concert and I am still singing and dancing around!  He is doing a 21 show tour in Los Angeles right now and we saw show #6 of 21.  Anyone in the Los Angeles area...if you want to see a GREAT concert, this is a must see!  Tickets are super reasonable.  We paid $25 and were not in the upper level...we got middle level seats which were at the front area of the stage.  He also has a rotating opening act so you never know who you will get.  Couple that with surprise guests most nights...AWESOME!  We didn't get a surprise guest but we did get Sheila E!!  She was awesome and can still rock her timbales!!  Last night's special guests were Gwen Stefani and No Doubt...OMFG!!!  I can't believe I missed that one.  I will definitely be going again!

Back to my mani for the concert...I HAD to use one of my Purple Rain polishes for sure!  That was a no brainer. 

Beautiful deep purple shimmer with just a faint touch of red sparkles if you look real close!  This is 3 coats with my regular base and top combo.

I am definitely planning on going to see Prince at least 1 more time before he is gone.  And, I will definitely be wearing another Purple Rain polish to show my love for both Prince and for nail polish!!!

Have a great week all!


  1. Perfect choice for the Prince concert, I agree!

    Oh, man, I wish I will see him at least once in my life :)

  2. What a beautiful color! So so pretty! Maybe you can check out my nailblog? I am a newbeginner, but I get better all the time! x)

    Lots of hugs from Thea <3

  3. Great a Jordana swatch! A few weeks ago I bought my first bottle and I loved it!

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    Maybe I see you there