Monday, May 3, 2010

Claire's Mood polish


I have a few of Claire's newer Mood polishes for you today. I know these came out recently but, I had so much fun with these!

Calm/Wild. This is the only shimmer one that I have...I'm not sure if there were any others in the collection though. I love the "cold" purple shade of this one but it was a bit warm the day I took this picture so the color change is not as noticeable in this shot.

Daring/Innocent. This one had a craaaazyyy color change! The "cold" color was a nice grey which deepend the colder it got. The "hot" color was a weird peachy nude color. The contrast was very stunning though.

These are both 3 coats. They were just a tad streaky but I got over that when I saw how much fun they were! Definitely looking forward to trying some of the other colors I have.

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  1. Oh, I believe you had fun with these... :D