Sunday, July 22, 2012

Chanel Nouvelle Vague

Finally getting a minute to make a new post.

This is a polish that I have had sitting for over a year.  I actually forgot I had it until I started re-organizing my stash!  I just got a new Helmer to add to the fleet and was able to get my stash a little more tidy again.

2 coats of NV.  It was horribly streaky on the 1st coat but evened nicely on the 2nd.

Shade shot.  Such a pretty pastel blue? Green?  What the heck color is this?  Seafoam?  And look, lobster hands!!

As much as I love Chanel, they tend to chip quicker on me for some reason.  The next morning I had a couple of small tip chips so I decided to distract with glitter!

2 thinly dabbed coats of Lynnderella Pentimento.  So much fun!!

Thanks for looking and hope you are having a true Sunday Funday!


  1. I LoLd over your "fleet". How many in the fleet now? This is getting scary, I can't stop buying polish, I think I am going to end up needing a fleet. Oh no.

    1. There are "currently" 5 in the "fleet"!! And, be careful!! Once you get 1 they all seem to multiply quickly in those little drawers!

  2. Hi, just wanted to let you know that someone on eBay is using your photos to sell their bottle of Pentimento: