Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Zoya Zuza

What?!?!  Delurking for a post?!?!

Hi everyone!  Happy hump day!  The weather here is nice today...woke up to drizzle and gloom which has melted away to a sunny but overcast day.  I can't wait for fall!

So, about a week ago I got a box full of Zoyas from the last big promo they had.  I hadn't bought a Zoya in several collections so I felt it was time to do a mini stock up.  The latest collections did not disappoint me!  I couldn't decide between FeiFei, Carly, Zuza, Frida, Paloma, Kimber, Natty or Daul.  I ended up letting the boyfriend pick...he never disappoints either :)

His choice....Zuza!!


2 coats over my regular base, topped with ProFX QDTC.
I love that this changes tones on me a bit in different lights.  Sometimes it looks cool, others it has a slight warmth to it.

I love the chunky shimmer particles in this.  It's not quite glitter but still larger than shimmer.

Now, if only Zoya will make a polish named Tara...and it HAS to be the most awesome purple you have ever seen!!!  

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