Monday, June 28, 2010

Misa Bikini with a Martini

Summer is officially here so I feel the need to start working the brights and neons into the rotation.
Bikini with a Martini is so bright in person...I wish I could capture the brightness in a photo. If anyone has tips for taking photos of neons...please, do tell!!
This is 2 coats. It definitely would fit into the jelly classification along with neon. I love Misa's application. They've never let me down so far.

Have a great week.
This week I am planning on doing a little Diamond Cosmetics spam/review. I didn't realize I had so many DC'd...I figured it was ther perfect time to start swatching and purging!


  1. Why do I not own this? It's lovely! I bet this would look fabulous on toes!

    As far as photographing neons, I recommend artificial light. Choose the lightbulb that produces the whitest light, and also try tinkering with the coloring a little bit in a photo editing program. Usually that works for me. :)

  2. Thanks!!
    CP, I'll have to try that. I usually only photograph under artificial lights when the sun is not out...never thought to try it for different finishes. :o)