Monday, June 21, 2010

More H&M...

Aaahhh....Monday! Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and a nice Father's Day.

Today I have a few more H&M's for you. These are in a different bottle style than the ones I posted yesterday. The polish itself applied very similar and the wear was the same.

This is U Must Have This. The color of this one is about the same as Aquatini but has no shimmer and is just a touch brighter. This one came out a little thick and could have used a touch of thinner but, I was happy with the overall color and application.

Goddess On Stage. This one is gorgeous! A deep purple with a touch of red shimmer. This could have used 1 more coat now that I see the photo but, I was definitely happy with this one. Goddess on Stage occasionally pops up on MUA for swap so if you want this one, keep an eye out!


  1. I must get Goddess on Stage out of my untrieds; it's so pretty!

  2. So beautiful! It makes me wish H&M was available in the US!

  3. wow, i just received this blue too! i haven't worn it yet though i did wear my hello kitty blue yesterday!

  4. Very nice! I wish they carried it at my H&M store :(