Saturday, December 4, 2010

ORLY Plum Pudding

Happy Saturday everyone!!  Hope you are all staying warm and dry today!

This is another old is from the same collection as Mistletoe I believe.  I think there was also a 3rd (maybe more) in the collection, Silent Night maybe?  It is a navy with glitter that is possibly the most hard to find of the 3.

This is 3 thin coats.  Again...old, thin formula in a giant bottle!!  The base on this one is disappointingly sheer and a bit frosty but, the color makes up for it.  I love a good holiday plum/purple color.

Have a great Saturday all!!


  1. Lovely!

    In that collection, there is also another purple whose name escapes me, a blue called Silent Night and a Red called Ho Ho Ho. I'm sure theres a sixth that I don't know about!

  2. Thanks!!

    Kaz: I will have to be on the lookout for the others now...damn you!!! I know about Silent Night but another purple sounds amazing and a red called HoHoHo...well, I have to have that for the name alone!!!

  3. So pretty! I missed this whole period of Orly colors somehow.

  4. It's fab.....the shimmer is gorgeous!