Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sally Hansen magical Nail Makeup: Ruby Slipper

Happy Sunday everyone! 

Ok, what is the problem here?!?!  It is the middle of winter and I have sun and 80 degree temps!!  Don't get me wrong, I love the sun shining on a winter day but I dont like summer temps in the winter time.  The only upside I see to this is I can bring out the holographic polishes and  let them bling!!

This is an older Sally Hansen "magical" polish!  Ruby Slipper is not what I expect when I see the name.  I was hoping for a vibrant, true red holo but it is more of a soft red or deep pink.  Still very pretty though.  I think I have most of the colors that were released in this line so I am going to try to swatch them all before the sun goes away this week!

This is 2 coats.  The formula on this was a bit weird.  Kind of gloopy but still thin and easy to apply.

Looking forward to 1 extra day off tomorrow! 


  1. Dude, these were the best polishes! I had the purple one and it is MIA. I still have Blue Aura and it ROCKS~

  2. I love the SH magicals too! These were my 1st experience with holo nail polish so they are a little sentimental! I think the siler one is my faveorite of collection, followed by the purple one.