Saturday, May 5, 2012

Nails Inc: Spitalfields

Happy Saturday everyone!

Are you over magnetic polishes yet?  Just when I thought I was, Nails Inc comes out with a new design.

FISHNET!!  I love this design!  I think it is tied with the star pattern as my favorite.

This is 2 coats with regular base and top coats.  I don't know if you can tell but, the design does not wrap all the way across my nail.  My nails are too curved for most magnets but I still love the look of it.  The Nails Inc magnets themselves are very nice too.  They seem like they have a stronger than average magnetic pull when you place them over the wet polish.
The fishnet magnetic also came in a charcoal and a chunky, gold glitter (Piccadilly).  I picked up the gold but left the charcoal one because I already have a few charcoal magnetics...I can just use the Nails Inc magnet on those if I want.  I found these at Sephora...$16.  Not cheap friends!

Lastly, check out my blog sale tab up above.  I've added some new polish and makeup items...maybe you'll find something you've been looking for ;-)

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