Monday, February 28, 2011

Funky Fingers: Riot

I really don't know what to write about this polish.  It is utterly AWESOME in my opinion! 

2 coats.  Still a little VNL but the application was very even so I am going to say this is a jelly.  The color you see on the screen is definitely not the color I see when I look at my nails.  This has a rickness that cannot be caught on camera...believe me, I tried!!  The color is a deep violet purple color...a blue leaning purple.  But, it also has a vibrancy and glow to it that makes it me think of a neon polish.  Sounds like an's dark but bright! 

I really wish I had a 5 Below where I live but luckily I have family and firends that do so I can usually get these fairly easily.

Now, what color combo of dots should I tart this up with?


  1. This is a amazing color, im searching for the perfecting purple and this color is almost lol
    this color with black shatter seems a good combination!!!

  2. Thank you both! I wish the photo showed the true color better though. It is a very deep color with an almost startling brightness to it.