Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Duri Night Before Christmas

Hello manicure maniacs! Here is another sparkling stunner in my holiday favorites run! This is from a brand called Duri and the name is Night Before Christmas. I was planning on saving this for the 24th but I couldn't resist!

This is 2 coats in direct sunlight. I only have a few Duri's but I have had a good experience with them in general. This one applied smooth and took 2 coats to be even.

Here is a closer shot to show the glittery details. The glitter in this is gold and a bit chunky but was completely smooth once I put a coat of Seche Vite. Perfect holiday polish with a perfect holiday name!!


  1. ha, I swatched that one yesterday with the intention of saving it for the 24th as well! absolutely gorgeous!!!

  2. I loved this one! It looks so nice in the bottle but even better on the nail! I think I may still pull this out for the 24th again...just to be festive!!