Sunday, December 6, 2009

Nicole Bah Plum-Bug!

Good morning manicure maniacs (I don't know why, but I love saying that...I say it in my head with a game show announcer's voice!!) I have had a very long but fun weekend and am now back to buisness =P

For today's "holiday" manicure I used a newer one from the '09 Nicole holiday collection. This is Bah Plum-Bug!

This mani was done on Thursday night but I was not able to get decent pictures until today because it's been partially cloudy lately. This is 2 coats and got 1 coat of Barielle Mani Extender on Friday. I am amazed at the wear I got out of this. Absolutely no chips and hardly visible tip wear! The last time I used a Nicole, it chipped within 12 hours so I was ready for Bah Plum-Bug! to chip within a day.

Here are a few more shots just because I really like this color!

It's a slightly dusty purple with barely noticible shimmer. I still can't figure out if the shimmer is purple or magenta. I loved the formula on this and the brush was very good as it allowed me to put the polish exactly where I wanted it. The Nicole brushes remind me of old formula OPI. Here is a close up of the bottle so you can see some of the shimmer.

I am definitely looking forward to trying the green from this collection in hopes I have another good experience with it. Thanks for checking in on me today and hope you all have a great start to you week!


  1. I adore this color and it looks terrific on you! Good info about Barielle Mani Extender. Pics are great!

  2. Thanks!! You know you can walk over and use it when you feel like it! Come on over when you need a break and we can "play nail polish"!! This was the 1st time using the Mani Extender...another great TJ Maxx find for $3.99!

  3. Love you! Thanks! We'll set a date to "play nail polish" soon. I have been a very productive "manicure maniac"(love your introduction)lately. I am taking inventory and pics off ALL nail related products I have. I also want your opinion and recommendation on a specific set of make up brushes...we'll talk later. :)