Friday, March 19, 2010


LOVELOVELOVE...L O V E!!! I love holo polishes! I especially love silver holo with purple holo being a close 2nd!! This here is China Glaze OMG. I wish they would re-release a new line of these in a few deeper jewel tone holos too...
This picture was actually taken 5 days after it was 1st applied. There were no touch ups or fresh top coats applied. This did start to show some very minor cracks but nothing unbearable. No chipping and miniscule tip wear evidence! I wore it so long because I couldn't stand to take it off!


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  2. I wore this same color a few weeks ago and love it too!

  3. I'm not into HOLOS or even glitters ::hides in shame:: but this color looks so cool! I think i'm gunna convert.