Saturday, March 13, 2010

Nfu-Oh 569

Happy Saturday everyone!
Today's "yesterday" nail is actually a more recent release. This is Nfu-Oh 569.

I know alot of other blogs have featured this color but I can understand is gorgeous! My ony compliant is the formula is a bit tricky to work with. This is 4 thin coats and it's still a little streaky in some spots.
Overall I really like the NFU-Oh line. They have some gorgeous colors and finishes. Last complaint (I promise) about this one is the price. These go for $12.50 each. The bottle is a little larger than a standard nail polish as it is 17ml rather than the usual 15ml. The bottle itself is gorgeous too! The top/brush looks like a lady in a bustier which laces up the back and the glass looks like the skirt to the dress. Very cute!

Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday!

--I am in no way affiliated with Nfu-Oh or any sites which may feature or sell their products. This polish is from my personal stash.


  1. Thanks Keerthi! I bet this would look amazing on you too!!