Monday, August 16, 2010

Nicole Mattes

I feel like I am really behind on my blog posts. I've been reading alot lately and have a tendency to get so caught up in whatever book/s I may be reading.
I've also recently lost my beloved bird Chica. Some stupid idiot scared her when walking into our house and she flew out the door. We could hear her for a few days after she got out but now, we don't hear her at all. Hopefully she is safe or someone has taken her in.
Enough downer news...time to get back on topic.

Here are 3 recent NOTD's I did. These are the Nicole mattes which are basically the same as the OPI suedes...just new colors.

No Limits. I loved this one! It is a very dark blurple which has a bit more blue than purple. 2 coats. I didn't do so good getting the line straight along my cuticle so please excuse the sloppiness. I don't like to do clean up with a brush on the suedes because it usually takes the 1st layer of color and leaves the silvery glitter...makes the clean up look even messier IMO.

Virtuous Violet. 2 coats. Beautiful purple shimmer. I thought this one would be close to Zoya Savita so I had to swatch them side by side...

Not close at all!! Savita is a deeper shade of violet/purple. They are both beautiful colors though.

And last but not least...

Respect The World. A gorgeous teal blue shimmer. I did not have a dupe to this in my collection. The original Respect The World is not quite this same shade.

All of these were bought at WalMart about 1 month ago. I know I still see them there. In this collection there are 3 other colors. Wild Blue Yonder which is a mid tone blue shimmer, Positive Energy which is a silver shimmer and Shimmy Shimmer which is a charcoal shimmer which is almost black.

Hope you all have a great week!


  1. They look awesome! I am so sorry about Chica though. I really hoped you would find her :(

  2. i usually hate nicoles but those colors are just too interesting!

    i am looking at the picture of you and your bird as i am typing this.... so sad! ((hugs))

  3. Ohh I havent seenthose around yet... The OPI suedes chip like crazy on me so I am not sure I will like these even tho the colors are amazing!!

    Sorry about your bird... I hope it will turn out well

  4. Thanks for all the kind words about Chica. I'm still hanging on to a tiny bit of hope that she is still close by and will pop up any day.

    As for the polishes, they do chip faster than a regular polish but if you are only wearing then for a day or 2 they usually do well.

  5. I'm so sorry about your bird!

  6. hhm i didn't think i was going to like any of these but i love the teal!

    sorry about your pet :( i hope you find her!

  7. Thanks again for the kind words for Chica...she is truly missed in our home :(