Saturday, September 18, 2010

Revlon matte suede: Ruby Ribbon

For the holidays, it seems as though Revlon has jumped on the red/green/white collection bandwagon. I can't conplain though because they did put a little twist on it. They are a shimmery matte/suede finish!! Very pretty in the bottle and on the nail.

This mini collection (if that is what these 4 new colors had intended to be) consists of a dark red, a bright cherry red, a forest/emerald green and a icy white.

This is Ruby Ribbon, the darker red in the set. This is 2 coats. THe formula was surprisingly easy to work with. Some mattes/suedes dry so fast you have to have near perfect timing when applying them. This was a little more forgiving-thankfully!! It has a very cool shimmer in it...literally cool!! It looks also blue toned or icy blue to me.

Here's a closeup to get a better look at the shimmer and finish.

I found these at Target in the regular display in their own labeled slots. I was amazed that polish at Target is so much cheaper than anywhere else!! I paid $3.89-ish for each of these.

Hopefully I will get around to wearing the other 3 colors to show how nice they are.

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