Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Urban Decay: Twisted

blarg....I've got some sort of upper respiratory crap going on right now! I am not feeling too well. One of the patients where I work broke a fire sprinkler and flooded the hallway where my office is. They have been trying to clean it and dry the carpet since Monday and have these huge industrial fans blowing 24/7. Well, these fans...combined with all the old residue of cleaning chemicals and various bodily fluids that have made their way into the rug by various patients over the years...are blowing all the microscopic yuck into the air I have to breathe 8 hours a day!! Now I've got a runny nose and congestion and the beginnings of a cough. I am begging to have the carpet torn out and some sort of hard, non porous flooring be put in. End of rant...on to a recent NOTD...

For some reason I have been lusting after a perfect gold polish. Not too yellow or warm, not too cool or antiqued. This one here is pretty close for me! This is 3 coats with my usual base and top combo.

Here it is a little closer to hopefully show the little sparkly bits. Old UD is not too hard to find if you look. I've found most of mine on ebay in the past few months for realy great/reasonable prices.