Saturday, April 16, 2011

Layering with Rated Holographic

Uh, yeah...creative title for a new post...

Hope you are all having a great Saturday.  The weather here is beautiful and I have been in and out all day!  Laying out in the backyard with the dogs, making a huge jug of Crystal Light lemonade to guzzle, mini swatch fest...just a lot of relaxing and enjoying the day.  How is your Saturday turning out? :o)

Here is what I topped my Color Club Oh Naturale mani with...

China Glaze Rated Holographic!!  This is only 1 coat over the existing mani.  Rated Holographic is from the Kaleidoscope collection of yesteryear.  It has a very pretty, delicate peach toned base and matched near perfect with Oh Naturale.  I probably should have used 2 coats because there was a little patchiness with this but, in the end, I was still happy with the result.  Perfect transistion mani from winter into spring!!

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Very pretty! How I wish they'd re-release Kaleidoscopes.

  2. Thanks KarenD! I agree...we need a re-release!