Monday, April 19, 2010

Zoya Mimi

Ok, cut to the chase...this is my #1 purple!! If you don't have this one and you love purple then I suggest you get it asap!! This did require 3 coats but as you can see, it is beautiful! Zoya really did this collection right. It looks almost metallic with little glitter flakes. Definitely a distracting (in a good way) polish. I know Charla has been getting all the hype...but Mimi is a real knockout too! This is absolutely not color accurate though. No matter what i did, I could not get the color right. It is more vibrant and less blue IRL. I would love to see Zoya do a whole collection in this finish...white, creme, black, gold, taupe, navy...the possibilities would be endless!! And, you know they would all sell!! Just my unpaid and unbiased opinion.