Sunday, January 22, 2012

Givenchy Purple By Night

Happy Sunday!! I am being distracted by football, basketball and my new addiction...Pinterest!!! This is going to be another short but sweet post today.

2 coats of this amazing polish that I was fortunate to snag in a private sale. This was released in 2008 as part of their holiday collection called Nightlights.

This shot really shows the difference between how it looks in the bottle versus how it looks on the nail. The bottle has an amazing shimmer in it...which does not translate to the nail. It also dries darker on the nail than what you see in the bottle.

I can't say I am completely disappointed in this one but it was definitely not what I was hoping for. It's still pretty but I would have loved to see more of that shimmer on my nails and for it to have kept the bottle color.

Coming up this week I will have a review of one of the new Revlon Colorstay polishes. Wonder what 7 days of wear looks like? Stay tuned!!


  1. That looks awesome! Is the shimmer effect similar to Givenchy Dandy Moire? I wish the Givenchy bottles weren't so small :/

  2. Gorgeous!! What a lovely shade of purple! :D

  3. I don't have Dandy Moire but from bottle shots I have seen of it, it has a similar shimmer in the bottle. Looks like it should have tiny glass flecks but they are completely lost in the base color.