Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Palette cleanser!

Color Club Nomadic In Nude. Great coverage and application for such a stark color. 2 coats ove 1 coat of SH Nail Quencher and 1 coat of Gelous (my HG base combo) This was actually underwear for a glitter so there is no clean up or top coat in that shot.

Topped with 2 thin coats of Icing Gold Dust. I loved this combo so much I wore it until it started to peel most glitters do on me. Though the colors are subdued, the glitter adds a nice kick without being too over the top. Not that over the top is bad...I love over the top! I was just trying to cleanse the palette to get ready for some of the glitters I have seemed to amass in 2011!!


  1. Very cute! We all need a palette cleanser every now and then :)

  2. Gorgeous!! Those look fantastic together! :D