Saturday, November 20, 2010

Brucci Amelia's Amethyst

PURPLE!!! This polish makes me understand why I love purple so much! This has such a gorgeous glow to it. If you look carefully there are tiny red sparkles in there too. This is 2 coats. The picture was taken in direct sun so you can really see the glow and the shimmer. In low light it still has the glow but is a bit deeper purple.
I wish I could tell you where Brucci polish is available...I wish I had it easily available to me! All of my Brucci's have come from friends on the east coast in swaps. I think I have about a dozen colors but I love them all!


  1. This is truly an amazing purple! And it looks very good on you!

  2. Thanks!! This one really took me by surprise by how gorgeous it is!

  3. i think this is one of the prettiest purples i've ever seen <3