Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Maybelline: Jungle Green

Welcome to the jungle...king of the jungle...jungle boogie...deep in the jungle...

The name of this polish had me thinking of all the "jungle" sayings I could come up with!! OK...to keep with the jokes, this polish is kind of a joke. I had been wanting this forever and finally got it from a generous swapper on MakeupAlley.

If you look at the bottle it has a very cool green sheen to it. Unfortunately it does not translate to the nail very well. The base color is a muddy plum color. The coverage on this was not very good either as you can see on my pinky...and this was 2 coats. I usually love most old Maybellines but this one...not so much. Back into the swap box this will likely go.


  1. I just bought and swatched this too! I was so disappointed. It looks amazing in the bottle!

  2. It really looks good in the bottle...