Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Color Club Blue Light

Color Club Blue Light
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With all the Big Game excitement (too many bloody mary's to be honest!!) I haven't been able to do a new mani. I figured today would be the perfect time to pull something out of the vault.
This is Blue Light from Color Club. It is a very bright, almost neon, baby blue creme. Unfortunately, the brightness of it did not translate well in the photo as it is much brighter IRL! The formula on most CC cremes have been excellent for me. This was a tad streaky but evened out after the 3rd coat. This would make a great spring mani!!
Today I got THE MOST AMAZING polish in the mail from a wonderful and generous Aussie friend. I plan to post my new beauty tomorrow and hope there is enough sun to catch all the gorgeousness that is in this polish. I can't wait!!!

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