Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Essie Pama

Essie Pama
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Hiya hiya!! This was the NOTD today...Essie Pama. A gorgeous berry red jelly. I believe this was a promo from the Pama liquer company IIRC. I was very fortunate to have swapped for this on MUA from a very generous lady. Otherwise, I would not have it as it is not available in stores...that I know of. You may be able to find it on ebay but be prepared to pay a pretty penny.
So, back to the polish! This is 2 coats. IRL you can really see the depth to the jelly-ness. It is a blue toned red/berry on me. I am having a little bit of a love affair with cremes and jellies right now. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about a mean glitter and a dazzling holo but I'm hooked on creme right now and jellies are making me swoon too!
Where's my thumb you may be asking...I have a small tear on the right side of the nail that is too low to cut and does not want to behave right now. I just cut my nails down last week and will likely cut them down again once the tear grows out a little more. My nails aren't behaving right now so I'm trying to figure out whats causing them stress. I just thinned my base coats a few weeks ago...wonder if that is the culprit??? We'll see as I cracked open new bottles of all my treatments.

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