Saturday, February 6, 2010

Milani Good Girl Grape

Milani Good Girl Grape
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Gaaahh! I know...IT'S LATE! I should be sawing logs, catchin' zzzz's, counting sheep, r.e.m. time, in la-la land....but I can't sleep =/
Don't tell me to take a sleeping pill either-they make me kinda nuts! So, I think I will post my pretty I wore today, head down to the kitchen and grab a cookie and a cup of hot honey/lemon water then try to settle in!
This here is an older Milani from who knows when! It's called Good Girl Grape...makes me wonder what Bad Girl Grape would look like because this reminds me of a bad girl color.
This is 3 coats. Was a bit streaky on the 1st 2 but evened nicely on the 3rd. I think this is a jelly because IRL it still hass a touch of that transluscent quality that all jelly's have. Sooooo, I guess that would make this a jelly? It's been raining all day so this was taken under a daylight lamp. The lamps washed the color out just a touch as it is a little deeper/richer IRL.
Good night...good morning...tomato...tomatoe...blegh!!!

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