Wednesday, February 17, 2010

OPI DS Exclusive

OPI DS Exclusive
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Where, oh where did my winter go?!?!
So, today was a little bit cooler than the day before...74 degrees. BOOOOOO!!!! I want my winter back! The only good thing about the weather right now is the sun being out in full force. This, my friend, means I can wear holos with confidence!
Today was a perfect day for an OPI DS. This is DS Exclusive. It's a beautiful deep berry/fuchsia...bordering on purple. The holo DS' are gorgeous and throw a beautiful holo rainbow everytime you move your hand. Again, another very distracting polish.
How is your winter weather? Hopefully where ever you are you are safe and enjoying it!


  1. We are sick of winter, here......just got 4 more inches of snow lat night! I miss my holos, so much!!!! LOL!


  2. I love me some snow but...I don't envy you having to live in it. I'm sure you will really appreciate spring when it gets here!