Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Santee Neon Sapphire

Santee Neon Sapphire
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Haiyooooo!! Today I am wearing an amazing bright blue! This is Santee Neon Sapphire. I found this baby in a huge bin in downtown LA....Chinatown to be specific...for only $1!! Well, actually less than a buck because they were $1 or 6/$5. I got 6 because I couldn't pass up the deal. This is 3 coats. It has a jelly finish to it and is super glossy. I'm not wearing a top coat here. I'm sure it would be even shinier if I put a t/c. The application on this was super smooth and the formula was very easy to work with. I have a nice little collection of Santees which I have been neglecting...I plan on changing that! I ended up topping this with CND Sapphire Sparkle but I'll save that for tomorrow because it's a whole 'nother level of amazing IMO!!
Happy Wednesday! So glad the weekend is almost here because I'm looking forward to the "big footbal game to determine the #1 team in the leauge" on Sunday. Who are you rooting for? You'll see my pick when I unveil my mani this weekend!

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